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Large selection, expert advice and best prices - in our online hunting shop find night vision and thermal imaging for hunting and wildlife viewing.

We only carry high quality thermal imaging for ambitious hunters, nature lovers & animal watchers. Professional, state-of-the-art devices, robust and suitable for long-term use. Our brands include both well-known and established brands such as InfiRay Outdoor, HIKmicroPulsar, Dedal, dipole, Lahoux and PARD. You will also find a wide range of accessories for all types of attachments and attachments: IR emitters, adapter sockets, batteries & much more.

Thermal Imaging Cameras (Thermal imaging monoculars) are freely available. attachments (night vision attachments & Thermal imaging attachments) are subject to restrictions under German weapons law. Distribution, purchase and carrying are allowed - Use as an attachment (mounted on a target optic) is subject to restrictions based on the respective national law and may be completely prohibited.

VENARI Hunting technology with a show room in Rastede advises customers personally on site as well as via telephone, email and the chat function on this website (bottom right of the screen) . Please contact us for an appointment on site so that we have enough time for advice: Testing the devices on our high seat in the adjacent area is possible and desirable!

Innovations in the thermal imaging segment

InfiRay has changed over the last two years, particularly with the upper class model InfiRay Mate MAH50 made a name for itself - the highest image performance and value are the aim. This thermal imaging device has now been revised. In addition to a new sensor (now <18mK NETD), the biggest innovation is the InfiRay MAH50R thermal imaging attachment of the integrated laser rangefinder. Such a module is rare on current attachments and should be of interest to many hunters. 

The manufacturers of thermal imaging monoculars and attachments are constantly releasing new series of devices. The HIKmicro thermal imaging camera the new Condor Series all have an LRF module. This is one of the most important volume models HIKmicro Condor CQ35L, which should arouse interest among many hunters as it offers the best compromise between price and performance Condor Series and can even determine distances with pinpoint accuracy using the laser rangefinder module. This is also new since May 2024 HIKmicro Habrok 4k, which as a binocular with thermal imaging and infrared channels and LRF offers everything a hunter's heart desires! Likewise can ThermTec familiar with the WILD Series perform again. The devices in this series can be ordered with or without LRF. This is particularly interesting from our point of view ThermTec WILD 635L with laser rangefinder and replaceable battery system. A true all-rounder for both forest areas and longer distances.

In the market segment of thermal imaging attachments, not quite as many new devices are being introduced as in the hand-held devices. However, particularly interesting devices have also been announced here. The manufacturer particularly stands out here ThermTec with his HUNT 650 thermal imaging attachment. The device is interesting because it combines the highest performance with a significantly reduced launch price. The sensor can provide performance data like the top dogs of the competition. The 650 is particularly suitable for hunters with greater distances in the area and those who want to be able to achieve maximum performance HUNT We recommend.

Ammunition and rifles now also included VENARI-Shop available

We offer our customers a wide range of night vision and thermal imaging technology. You can also do this both in our online shop and in our store Hunting ammunition order for your rifle or shotgun. Directly online or by collection from us in Rastede (near Oldenburg, NDS). You can also find it at VENARI a wide selection of rifles like that Blaser R8 or that Brenner BR20. We can offer the right equipment and provide comprehensive advice across the entire price range.

night vision devices for hunting

Our night vision devices are designed both as attachment and attachment solutions. Within the family of night vision attachments, tube devices as well as digital night vision devices are offered. The device manufacturers include only well-known manufacturers such as Dipol, Dedal and - as absolute premium devices - Lahoux. You can find digital night vision devices in our shop from: Pulsar, dipole and PARD. 

Thermal imaging devices for hunting

Thermal imaging cameras for hunters are becoming increasingly popular - whether as a night vision device or during the day, for example for stalking. We sell all high-quality brand manufacturers - both thermal imaging monoculars (handheld devices) and thermal imaging attachments: InfiRay Outdoor, Pulsar, Dipole & HIKmicro.

Buy night vision or thermal imaging?

Whether thermal imaging or night vision is the right technology for you depends on several factors. Night vision attachments (mounted on a target optic) are subject to legal restrictions. A special permit may be required for installation or the device may only be used for hunting abroad. Night vision is the first choice in combination with a target optic. Image detail, marksmanship, and environment representation are best suited to targeting. 

Thermal imaging devices are not legally restricted as handheld devices. They are suitable for searching the territory Wild and identify even the smallest heat sources with ease. The devices can also be used safely during the day and make animals visible in the undergrowth. If you are looking for an observation device, then we recommend thermal imaging.